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Regarding 50th Anniversary Celebration - September 19, 2018
What a night! North Metro celebrated 50 years with dozens of alumni joining us! What a great time. Meeting up with dear friends, laughing and of course singing together. Thank you to June Dale for being our leader, coach, arranger and inspiration for 45 years and to Erin Howden for taking us into the next phase with such creativity, brilliance and inspirational motivation! We are so lucky. Visit our Facebook page to see photos: www.facebook.com/NorthMetroChorus

We had a party and 350 people came! What fun to see all our friends.Happy 50th anniversary North Metro!
Thank you Towner family and your team for all your hard work!
Gloria Busch

So very happy to be a part of the special evening this week celebrating 50 wonderful years of music! This pic shows current and past members singing together. Happy Birthday North Metro Chorus!! ❤️.
Linda Morrison

North Metro's 50th Anniversary Party! Amazing time with an amazing chorus, thanks June, Erin and all who make this chorus so great!!!
Regan MacKenzie

What an amazing night! So enjoyed having time to visit with everyone and then we were treated to a wonderful performance by the chorus. Then we all sang a couple of songs together! Thanks to all for a wonderful time

Such a great 50th celebration last night. Great seeing old friends and even older friends (which I mean in the nicest way!). Chorus sounded and looked great! You'll be awesome in St Louis. Love you guys!

Pat Taylor

Check out our photos on facebook (just search North Metro Chorus)

Wonderful evening from start to finish! The hugs and good wishes were amazing! I was so thrilled to be on the risers again, singing my lungs out! There must have been more than 200 of us up there - what a thrill!! The Golden Horshoe gals I spoke to about the party the next day raved about it forever!
- A friend


Regarding Chorus Show
Can't tell you how much I THOROUGHLY enjoyed watching you both and the pure pleasure that radiates from your beautiful smiles as you sing. Your combined chorus voices sent shivers up my spine - especially HALLELUJAH ~ wow truly amazing. I'm so glad that I got to see your award winning Toy Soldier package. Totally deserved the Gold medal. Loved the Lullaby the best. The upbeat swing in your Piano package was wonderful to listen to as well.

I certainly enjoyed an entertaining evening listening to the choir. The costumes were bright and beautiful. The choreography and staging were wonderful. The people that I could see in the audience certainly were smiling - a true testimonial to a delightful performance.

- Bob A - Toronto

Beautiful beautiful singing, choreography, costumes and staging very professional, second to none. Truly a wonderful and surprising concert!

- Tamara D.

Well - that was quite the performance!!! You ladies sure do know how to put on a show!!!

Finally got to hear the much talked about over my years ~ NORTH METRO. I now know why June's chorus is much sought after and a challenge to beat during competitions. Your intense rehearsals and practice pays off. From the precision of Erin's choreographed numbers, to tone perfection ~ I was in awe.

Just wanted to send off my congratulations to you for a spectacular show.
Thank you for a great afternoon.
- Kathy Cuffe


Regarding Hawaii contest
"I was in absolute awe of you, especially in the finals package which was,in a word, stunning...I cannot tell you how I just wanted to jump up on that stage with you and perform that amazing package and sing "All Rise" with you!! I'm sure you have gotten amazing feedback. Because YOU WERE amazing.You should be very proud of the wonderful gift you gave to all of us.

...just a note to say how wonderful we all thought North Metro did at International. Your chorus touched every emotion... even made the boys cry!. It was an amazing contest this year...it just gets better and better!"

Hi June and Erin,
Well, you did it again! You thrilled us with a heart-warming, professional, and very memorable performance in Honolulu. I am such a big fan of your expressive, theatrical style. You inspire so many choruses in our organization, and I look forward to seeing touches of your influence every year as I judge/coach in other parts of the country.

Dear Erin and June:
Your performance was steller. I LOVED it from beginning to end. All Rise...Oh my gosh I could not stop crying. I was just so proud to know you both.

I want to tell you what a wonderful show you delivered on Saturday! A completely integrated package, with precision moves that fit the music, beautifully choreographed and sung, great costumes, it is hard to imagine a more pleasant "12-15 minutes." I was enthralled. I was particularly drawn to the folksong, "I'll tell me Ma
(Belfast City)," a favorite of mine since an Irish trip in 1998. It is obvious that you live what you teach!

Your set was really excellent and so authentic. The execution was excellent and the delivery original. We've heard lots of Irish sets over the years and this one was perhaps the best ever.

CONGRATULATIONS JUNE, and to the entire Chorus. My favourite ballad has always been Too-Ra-Loo-Ra and you did it so beautifully. Loved the green and black on stage, and the Irish dancing was fantastic. What a package!!